"I have been rushing around working and getting ready for my trip up north. Besides my checks being tender the first night, I felt absolutely fine the next day. I didn't even have time to properly analyze my results after my Renuva, because I was so busy. The next day I went on a zoom, and I could hardly concentrate on the meeting because I was too fascinated with how I looked on my computer screen! I just turned 53 and, thanks to Renuva and Dr Rogers, I'm not dreading turning older now that I've found the fountain of youth."

Gayle | Age 53

Gayle had a total of three Renuva treatments, administered with an 18-gauge cannula. During the first treatment, 1.5 ccs of Renuva was injected into each check. At Gayle’s five month follow up appointment, an additional 1.5 ccs of Renuva was injected on each side. Six months later, Gayle returned for a final Renuva treatment, adding another 1.5 ccs of in each cheek. Individual results may vary.


"I had a facelift and a neck lift, but as you can see in the before picture, the skin on my neck was still loose after the surgery. Dr. Rogers suggested that we treat my neck with Renuva, which totally did the trick! Both he and I could not believe the results. It took about 3 months for me to start seeing the difference. Six months after my Renuva treatment, my neck was totally smooth, and my skin also felt tighter somehow. I am completely thrilled with the results. I look at least 15 years younger, but more importantly I look in the mirror and feel happy! All my friends keep asking me what I have had done. I’m telling everyone about Renuva!”

Denise | Age 57

Denise had one Renuva treatment, administered with an 18-gauge cannula. Denise’s neck was treated with a total of 4.5 ccs of Renuva, injected, using a fanning (“wash”) technique. Individual results may vary.


"My décolletage and hands were something I always kept out of view, because they gave away my age. I've been going to Bernice Cohen for my injections for years. She suggested Renuva would be a great option for me to not only fill in the lost volume, but to improve skin quality. Not only do my hands and décolletage way younger now! I can now wear whatever I want – feminine bras V-neck tops, low necklines, you name it. It’s nice to wear jewelry that draws attention my neck and my hands, instead of trying to camouflage them both. I’m so pleased with the results of my Renuva treatments!"

Kari | Age 60

Kari had a total of 3 Renuva treatments in her décolletage area, administered with an
18-gauge cannula, three months apart. A total of 3 ccs of Renuva was injected during each treatment, using a fanning injection technique. At Gayle’s five month follow up appointment, an additional 1.5 ccs was injected. Six months later, Gayle returned for a final treatment of 1.5 ccs in each cheek. Individual results may vary.


"I was really happy with the results of my breast surgery. However, because I have so little body fat, I could see rippling when I bent over or moved a certain way. Even if I was willing to undergo another surgery to do fat grafting (which I wasn’t), I didn’t have enough fat on my body for Dr. Schwartz to liposuction out for the fat grafting. I had never heard of Renuva, but I’m really glad he recommended it, and that I know about it now. It was the perfect solution! Now I have the chest I’ve always wanted. I went out and bought a whole new wardrobe, which was super fun! I couldn’t be happier. #RenuvaToTheRescue”

Jessica | Age 36

Jessica had a total of 4 Renuva treatments, administered with an 18-gauge needle, to correct minor breast rippling and to narrow the space between each breast. During her first treatment Jessica had 3 ccs of Renuva injected in each breast area. Three months later, she returned to Dr. Schwartz to receive an additional 1.5 ccs of Renuva on each side. The final result was achieved after Denise had an additional 1.5 ccs of Renuva added to each breast area. Individual results may vary.*
*Renuva should never be injected into the breast tissue. Renuva should only be injected where native fat naturally exists.


"I went to my family doctor because of my allergies were really bothering me. He suggested I get a Kenalog shot, which made my allergies better but caused a big dent where he did the injection. I tried a few fillers and a collagen stimulator, but nothing worked. I went to see Trevor Larsen because I heard amazing things about him. He suggested I try Renuva, and BAM! One injection totally fixed the dent. I’m super happy!”

Tori | Age 24

Tori had one treatment, using a 22-gauge, 1 ½ inch needle, to inject 3 ccs of Renuva. A fanning technique was used to administer the treatment laterally, into the depressed area. Individual results may vary.


"I look young for my age, but my hands tell a different story. I tried filler before, but the results went away and the top of my hands kind of looked puffy – like I was having an allergic reaction to something. I heard about Renuva, and I liked the idea that I would basically have a layer of my own fat over my veiny and boney hands. I was a bit nervous about the treatment, so I started with just one syringe in each hand. After three months I went back for another treatment and had another two syringes put in each hand. Now I can’t see my bones or my veins and my hands don’t give me away!”

Harriet | Age 64

Harriet had a total of 2 Renuva treatments, starting with 1.5 ccs of Renuva in each hand using an 18-gauge cannula. Three months later, she returned to have an additional 3 ccs of Renuva added to each hand. Individual results may vary.


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